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Quality handmade bespoke signs in natural materials

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St John sign in stone
St John sign in stone

A close up of a bespoke St John sign in stone. The sign has five lines of text. It is sandblasted into a reclaimed piece of sandstone. The lettering is an Old English font and is painted brown. The stone and the style is made to look aged

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Oscar Wilde - Keep Love in your Heart
Oscar Wilde - Keep Love in your Heart

Bespoke Oscar Wilde quotation in slate "Keep love in your heart". A photograph of a bespoke slate sign hanging on a kitchen wall with an Oscar Wilde poem written on it. The sign has seven lines of text. The poem is sandblasted engraved into the Brazilian honed slate and painted with white enamel. There are four fixing holes in each corner of the plaque

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Engraved house number sign in granite
Engraved house number sign in granite

A photograph of an engraved house number sign in granite. The plaque is photographed slightly from the side. The house number sign has a white number two in the centre with a white square border around it. There are 2 fittings on either side of the number. The fittings are chrome and have a domed head

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**Covid Update**

Please be aware that there may be some delays during these times regarding DELIVERIES.

 As many of my items are MADE TO ORDER it can take on average 2 weeks to process them. Please bear this in mind when you are ordering to allow for any possible delays in transit.

Time for a Revamp?

Stained House. An illustration of a house with seven windows at the front. There is a door in the centre of the house on the ground floor with a window on either side of it. Above that there are three windows and above that there are two smaller windows. There are two chimney pots on the roof, one on the left and one on the right. The house is a two tone green colour with a white splash effect over it

How about sprucing up your home with a brand new sign. We have lots of designs for you to choose from. And better still, if you can't find anything that suits you, we can help design a bespoke sign that'll help make your home feel so special.

Using quality materials you can choose from one of our engraved standard signs, or for a more exclusive sign we can hand carve onto a beautiful sandstone  

House Sketch. A line drawing illustration of a house with a tree next to it. The house has an arched door with two steps leading up to it. Above the door is a small arch window with 6 panes of glass. There is a chimney on top of a pitched roof on the left hand side. On the ridge is a weather vane. There is a black granite house sign on the left side of the door with a number 2 on it. The tree is on the right of the house and is almost as tall as it. There are no leaves on the tree.
a photograph of the female business owner of Guinevere Design working in her workshop. She is wearing a brown padded coat and a white face mask. Her hair is tied up on top of her head in a ponytail. She is looking down into a sandblasting unit and her hands are reaching inside the unit. The sandblasting unit is orange and has a window on the top. There is a light inside the unit.
a photograph of the female business owner of Guinevere Design. The photograph is black and white and it shows a head shot of the stone carver and designer of Guinevere Design. She is looking down to the right hand corner of the picture. She has long blonde hair and is wearing a fitted top. There is a shelf behind her head.
there are two stone carving chisels in the bottom left corner of the picture lying on top of a yellow tool belt. One chisel is bigger than the other. The smaller chisel has a blue tip. Next to it in the centre of the picture is a silver scribe for marking out the stone. In the top right corner there is a wooden handle for a mallet
My Story

Welcome to Guinevere Design

Hi. I'm Gaynor and I'm a stone carver and sign maker. All my life I've had a keen interest in art and traditional skills. I studied Art and Design after leaving school and spent many years working in various industries. 10 years ago I had the opportunity to learn stone lettering, which led to me venturing into stone carving. When I was made redundant I decided to start my own business making hand carved and engraved signage, and also hand carved relief carvings.

Follow more of my journey into stone

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