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Being born in East Lancashire, a region renowned for it's industrial and stone working heritage, and spending most of my life there, I guess it comes as no surprise that I have a fascination with both. At the age of 14 I began a weekend job drilling circuit boards. Not a glamourous job, but a job nontheless. That started me on my journey in life.

And no, this isn't going to be a Dicken's novel 

When I finished school I continued on into further education studying one of my passions in life, Art. I loved every aspect of it. Painting had always been a big part of my life, but I found that sculpture gave me a freedom I loved 

I raised a family working various jobs, whilst my art played in the background. Over the years I designed personalised birthday cards, painted pet portraits, posters and signs, painted large scale murals and even had the honour of reproducing the paintings Picasso 'Les Desmoiselles D'Avignon' and Van Gogh 'The Olive Trees'  (my personal favourite, I may add)

18 years ago I met a very talented stone mason and stone carver who offered to teach me stone carving. I'd never considered carving in stone. My preferred medium was clay, and I regarded stone carving as the ultimate discipline in sculpture. So the very thought of hitting a big rock with a big hammer and chisel, and at the end of it having any fingers left or presenting anything that you could remotely recognise as a piece of art

      quite frankly, terrified me

But I accepted the challenge and found I loved it. I began with stone lettering and then progressed onto relief carvings. I quickly realised that stone was a medium that suited me. I love the uncertainty of it, not knowing what's inside it until you crack it open. It can be very unforgiving at times, but I think maybe that's why it appeals to me. And to have the opportunity to explore something, and a part of me, that I would never have done has, and still is, a revelation. I'm truly thankful to you, Sean

I decided to set up my own company, Guinevere Design. Apparently the name is taken from the origin of my name, Gaynor, and fits in so well with what I make


 This has provided me with the opportunity to combine so many of my interests and passions. My love of traditional skills. mythology, history, legends, folklore and art started to come into play. I use my skill and knowledge to create my own unique pieces, many of them designed in my studio. And by doing so, I'm keeping alive all of these things that I love. But it isn't about living in the past, it's about taking it with us into the future

I believe in quality and craftmanship so with each new sign or carving I aim to make it the best I can. I use the best stone in both my signs and my carvings. I follow every process through from start to final finish. As my worst critic, if I'm proud of my product then I can be certain my customers will be happy.

bride and groom sign
tools for handcarving
granite signs on a worktop
green man in situ
classical stone statue
making a slate house sign
prelimonary sketches of king and queen c
pair of stone corbels